w3TamilWK v2.0 Beta

  • Fixed the Editing mode cursor bug in IE

w3TamilWK v1.2.1 Beta

  • Fixed bugs based on the user feedback

w3TamilWK v1.2 Beta

  • Added all functionality of Tamil99 Keyboard features

w3TamilWK v1.1 Beta

  • Added the Tamil99 Keyboard Layout with limited Tamil99 Keyboard features.
  • Removed the old keyboard layout to reduce the confusions among the users.
  • Added the feature to type Tamil Unicode text using physical keyboard or w3TamilWK or both.

w3TamilWK v1.0 Beta

  • Added the feature to enter the Unicode Tamil characters by clicking on the w3TamilWK's keys.
  • Added "SELECT and COPY" button.
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