w3Tamil Web keyboard (w3TamilWK) helps to type Tamil Unicode characters on computers which do not have a keyboard for typing the Tamil alphabet. Additionally, you can edit what you write by placing the mouse pointer inside the text area and using it as you normally do to type and edit texts. Then you can copy it to your e-mail application, word processor, etc.

It allows that users can directly type the Tamil Unicode text using various keyboard layouts such as Tamil99, *typewriter and *Romanised using their physical keyboard. Also for users who are not familiar with the Tamil keyboard layouts, w3TamilWK provides Virtual/onscreen keyboard interface to directly enter the Tamil Unicode text into the text area by clicking mouse on the Web Keyboard. It helps for non Technical Savvy Tamil Internet users with more user-friendly.

We hope that this little web keyboard will help you to write Tamil texts in Tamil Unicode encoding when you are away from your own Tamil Unicode enabled computer - for example in an Internet cafe in a foreign country. Also you can use it to practice the Tamil Keyboard Typing without installing any additional software in your computer.

This is the simplest and oldest technology, but when you handle this w3TamilWK, you will feel the better user friendly environment than other Tamil onscreen keyboards available on the web. Also, you can use this Web keyboard without Internet connection. You can freely download and use it under the GNU General Public License.

Absolutely it will play a major role in the Tamil Internet world.

Key Events:

  • w3TamilWK project is started by w3Tamil.com on 01st November, 2006
  • SourceForge.net Logow3TamilWK project is approved for hosting on SourceForge.net as one of the Open Source Software Project on 22nd December, 2006.

* At the moment these are in developing stage.

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